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Druid 2030

Darin Briskman

Session Speaker
Director of Technology, Imply
Darin Briskman is Director of Technology at Imply, where he helps developers create modern data applications. He began his career at NASA in the 1980s (ask him about rockets!), and has been working with large and interesting data sets ever since. Most recently, he's had various technical and leadership roles at Couchbase, Amazon Web Services, and Snowflake. When he's not writing code, Darin likes to juggle, blow glass (usually not while juggling), and working to help children on the autism spectrum learn to use their special abilities to work better with the neuronormative.

First created in 2011, ApacheĀ® Druid is now in its second decade of empowering real-time analytics. How does Druid provide subsecond queries at Petabyte scale, high concurrency, and combined stream and batch analytics? What have we learned from the first decade of Druid, and what is changing? What will Druid look like in 2030?