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Elementary Analytics with Kafka Streams

Anna McDonald

Session Speaker
Principal Customer Solutions Technical Architect, Confluent
Anna McDonald is a Principal Customer Solutions Technical Architect with Confluent. Prior to joining Confluent she was a Principal Software Developer with SAS Institute. She specializes in integration architecture and event streaming. Her most recent work includes creation of the Derivative Events design pattern. A speaker at Kafka Summit and Jfokus, her love of all things technical is matched only by her love of math puns.

In life, there are certainly situations where only ANOVA will do. However, many times valuable insights can be found with a much simpler approach. Whether it’s direct analysis or data format transformations, Kafka Streams has got you covered.

In this talk we will cover the core features of Kafka Streams that enable elementary analytics and data transformation.

– Windowing and window types
– Aggregate functions
– Continuous to discrete mappings

Armed with this information, your understanding of conducting elementary analytics in Kafka Streams will improve exponentially with no chance of regression.