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Modern SaaS is Real-Time SaaS

Gwen Shapira

Keynote Speaker
Co-Founder, Nile
Gwen is a co-founder and CPO of Nile (thenile.dev). She has 20+ years of experience working with code and customers to build reliable and scalable data architectures - most recently as the head of Cloud Native Kafka engineering org at Confluent. Gwen is a committer to Apache Kafka, author of “Kafka - the Definitive Guide” and "Hadoop Application Architectures." You can find her speaking at tech conferences or talking data at the SaaS Developer Community (https://www.youtube.com/@saas-dev).

An executive asked you for a real-time dashboard for your company metrics? Be careful, it may be a trap. The real value of real-time data lies outside the C-suite, in the hands of users who need real-time data for real-time decisions and action.

This is nowhere more apparent than in the evolving architectures of leading SaaS applications such as Notion, GitHub or LinkedIn. They provide a data-rich user experience that users have learned to expect.

Gwen is the co-founder of Nile, where she and her team are trying to make it easier to build world-class SaaS. In her keynote, she’ll take a tour of how the SaaS landscape evolved and show examples of products that put real-time data front-and-center. She’ll share some of the architectures she’s seen teams develop to deliver these insights, and point out the architectures that break in painful ways vs the ones that are actually proving themselves in this next generation of applications already being built.