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The Rise of Real-Time Analytics

Kishore Gopalakrishna

Keynote Speaker
Co-Founder & CEO, StarTree
Kishore Gopalakrishna is the co-founder and CEO of StarTree, a venture-backed startup focused on Apache Pinot - the open source real-time distributed OLAP engine that he and StarTree’s founding team developed at LinkedIn and Uber. Kishore is passionate about solving hard problems in distributed systems and has authored various projects in the space such as Apache Helix, a cluster management framework for building distributed systems; Espresso, a distributed document store; and ThirdEye, a platform for anomaly detection and root cause analysis at LinkedIn.

In recent years, real-time streaming has revolutionized transactional data, and while legacy data warehouse processes have been replaced by data lakes and cloud-native solutions, traditional batch stack are no longer adequate to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced world where everyone is a decision maker.

Leading companies like LinkedIn, Uber, Stripe, and others worldwide have realized that analytics must keep up with the transformation that application architectures have undergone. Merely generating reports and dashboards for internal decision-makers is no longer sufficient. In today’s competitive environment, businesses require real-time, actionable insights that can guide their interactions with users on websites, mobile apps, and services. The rise of real-time analytics is imperative to empower businesses to make data-driven decisions in the moment, enabling them to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world where every user is a decision maker. Embracing this shift towards real-time analytics is essential to deliver exceptional user experiences and meet the dynamic demands of the modern business landscape.